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3 Easy Cell Phone Repairs That Are Worth The Cost

by Neil Craig

Anytime you drop your cell phone, it's a cringe-worthy moment. Even if you have a protective case and a screen cover, it doesn't always mean your phone will survive without damage. When your phone starts acting funny and won't open apps or closes them suddenly, that can also be a cause for great concern. In short, most people spend a lot of time on their phones. They are a precious asset when it comes to day-to-day interactions. Phone repairs can often be expensive, however, and so it's good to know when repairs are worth the cost and effort. 

Software Updates and Application Checks Are Easy

One of the repairs that is easiest to have done and is usually the least expensive is to have your phone's diagnostics checked. Taking your phone into your service provider or to a repair store and requesting a diagnostics check is usually free. From this check, it can be determined if you need software updates, hardware repairs, or have a virus. A cell phone software update is not expensive. Many cell phone providers will update software for free, too. To remove viruses or to have hardware repairs could be costly, but you can get a bid on the costs from a cell phone repair service for free. Then you can weigh whether or not the type of repair is worth your money. 

Battery Replacements Are a Quick Fix

Similar to software issues, a bad battery can make it difficult for your phone to work consistently. Low battery power can make it difficult to run certain applications, and it can cause your phone to suddenly shutoff. The good news is, most providers have made it easier for cell phone repairs on batteries. In fact, most battery replacements don't cost more than a few dollars over the cost of the actual battery. You can usually get this type of repair in under an hour, and it can extend the use of your phone for as long as another year or two.

Screens Can Be Replaced on Most Phones

Another common repair that people need is replacing a cracked or broken screen. Even with a protective case and screen cover, getting a screen cracked when it hits the ground just right is a common problem. Most small cracks can be replaced. A really big crack could be the sign of other damaged hardware. The screen usually has two layers, and if the inner layer of the screen is damaged, a repair may be impossible. Screen replacements are usually more expensive than new batteries or software updates, but they are also very affordable compared to the bigger repairs people need.

Cell phone repair businesses have done a good job at making the most common repairs affordable for most budgets. Some of these repairs are covered by insurance, so it's good to check with your provider if you have any coverage. Weighing the value of the phone against the cost of a repair is always the best way to go when you get any bids. That way you can determine if you should just buy a new phone instead of getting a repair.