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3 Things You Need To Do Before Your Home Ever Floods

by Neil Craig

Do you live in an area that's prone to flooding? Have you escaped the waters so far but you're still wondering what to do if your home should get flooded in the future by any means, whether it's a burst pipe or by some external source? Nobody likes having to deal with flooding but knowing what to do can help you to overcome the situation and come out of it as intact as possible. Some things that you should do now or be prepared to do at a moment's notice are as follows.

Check your insurance policy: Make sure that your insurance policy covers water and/or flood damage. Many insurance companies don't distinguish between water damage caused by a burst pipe or a leaky roof and a flood caused by an overflowing river or stream. But without this insurance coverage, you may find it difficult or impossible to pay for all of the repairs that are necessary to fix the damage. If your insurance company doesn't offer flood coverage or the coverage is too expensive for you, you may want to shop around to see if there's another insurance company that has a better rate so that you'll definitely be able to handle any flooding that might occur.

Find a repair company: If your home does get water damage, you're going to want to hire a company that provides flood damage services rather than trying to fix everything yourself. While the water damage from something like an overflowing sink is minor and may be able to be fixed by the average person, it takes professionals from companies that provide flood damage services to be able to assess and repair more severe flooding damage. Things that you might need to be replaced may only need a good cleaning while some sections that look okay to you might actually need to be replaced to prevent future issues. These are things that a professional will be able to deal with.

Use plastic totes: Although you might hope to be able to take all of your important stuff with you if you have to evacuate because of flooding, you may not have enough time or space to take all of your important paperwork. And some things like family photo albums can never be replaced. In order to protect your important documents, store them in plastic totes in the highest spot in your home, such as in your attic or in a second-story bedroom closet.

In the event of severe flooding, the professionals from the flood damage services company you've chosen can retrieve these plastic totes for you before they begin their actual work.