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Soot And Smoke Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

by Neil Craig

If you have recently had a small fire in your home and are concerned about the soot and smoke odor in your house, then you may try to start the cleaning and restoration process on your own. This is a good choice if you are low on funds or if you do not want to hire any professionals right away. However, in your excitement to start cleaning, you may make some mistakes. Keep reading to learn what they are.

You Immediately Start With The Wet Cleaners

If you want to start getting to the cleaning, then you may pick up a mop or a wet rag and start scrubbing. However, this is not what you should be doing first. You want to get rid of all the soot first, and the powder is quite fine. Unfortunately, adding water to it will create an oily black mess that may be impossible to clean up. 

You want to start by vacuuming first, and it is wise to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. A water-capture vacuum can work as well, but you will need to dispose of the water carefully, as it will be quite acidic and it can easily stain.

You want to use the brush attachment on the vacuum and you should use some pressure to clean both porous and nonporous surfaces. You want to evaluate your belongings as you clean so you can decide which items can be salvaged and which cannot. Keep in mind that certain porous items, like ones made of paper or wood, may not be salvageable, and if you see that a deep black coating remains after you vacuum, then you may want to simply discard the item. 

While textiles are porous, they can be cleaned in your washing machine and dry-cleaned as well, so make sure to try this first before throwing away your curtains, slipcovers, and clothing items.

You Clean With Regular Soap

Regular soaps are unlikely to clean up much of the soot in your home. So, when you are ready to start using the wet cleaning agents, you want to use a degreaser instead of a traditional soap cleaner. There are a wide variety of degreasing products that you can purchase that include the citrus products found at your local home store as well as trisodium phosphate powders that can be mixed easily with water to create a paste or a fluid cleaner.

You can buy products such as Simple Green, and you can opt for kitchen degreasers in both commercial and residential varieties. 

Learn more about fire damage restoration from a local company.