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Is Your Gas Fireplace Malfunctioning?

by Neil Craig

A gas fireplace is an excellent alternative to a wood-burning fireplace. For this reason, a number of homeowners decide to upgrade to these units. It would, however, be unfair to say that gas fireplaces don't come without concerns. An ability to quickly discover the problem means that you can work even faster to correct it. If you own a gas fireplace, learn some of the signs that typically indicate that something is amiss.

Unusual Sounds

A gas fireplace is distinct from a wood burning fireplace in that it does not make sounds when it burns. So, if you hear anything when your gas fireplace is operating, the issue is a cause for concern. 

For example, a rumbling noise could mean that the burners that support the fireplace are dirty and need to be cleaned. On the other hand, a grinding noise could mean that the fan is failing. If you hear anything, take a more in-depth look to determine what is going on. 

Odd Odors

Always be on the lookout for strange odors when you operate your gas fireplace. The first thing you want to look for is a gas smell. If you smell gas, it could mean that the gas is leaking from the pipes that lead to the fireplace. If you can, immediately turn off the fireplace, exit your home, and call the fire department. 

If you smell a burning-like scent, look at the fireplace to see if you see an excessive collection of dust or other debris. Sometimes, dust, dirt, pet hair, and other contaminants naturally found in the air will settle inside the fireplace and burn when you turn it on. If this issue is what you're dealing with, consider having your fireplace cleaned more often. 

Increased Soot Collection

Some level of soot is normal when you have a fireplace, even gas. However, be watchful when you have an excessive amount of soot. An excess collection of soot typically means that there is a lack of airflow around the fireplace. 

As a result, instead of the smoke circulating out and away from the fireplace, it will settle inside and around the fireplace and leave a soot buildup as a result. It's imperative you have someone come and look at the problem and correct any vent issues to correct the airflow problem. 

Do not let an issue with your gas fireplace go on uncorrected. Speak with a gas fireplace installation and repair company like Quality Fireplace and Chimney who will quickly diagnose and correct the malfunction so that you can go back to enjoying your fireplace as soon as possible.