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Things Back Pain Sufferers Should Consider When Purchasing A New Mattress

by Neil Craig

If you have a bad back, you may find it difficult to sleep comfortably throughout the night. However, much of your nightly discomfort may be alleviated by selecting the right mattress. Here are a few things that you should consider when buying a new mattress if you already suffer from back pain:

The Age and Original Condition of Your Current Mattress

If your current mattress is quite a few years old, it probably does not provide the support and comfort that it did when it was first purchased. However, as you look for your new mattress, try to remember what the current mattress felt like when it was in better condition. Was it comfortable? Did you experience less back pain after sleeping on it in the beginning?

If your mattress has become increasingly uncomfortable over time, it could be due to wear and tear of the product. However, if the mattress has never been comfortable, you will want to be sure to select a different type of mattress as you shop. Consider all of the mattress features that you never liked and avoid these when making your new selection.

Adequate Support

Although a super-soft mattress may seem like the best option, back pain is often alleviated by consistent firm support. Nevertheless, a mattress that is too firm can also be uncomfortable.

To find a suitable level of firmness, try out the mattresses in the store as you shop. Move on to a different mattress each time you experience the slightest amount of discomfort. If you are uncomfortable after a short amount of time on a mattress, you are likely to experience much more pain after lying on it for an extended period.

Mattresses that have a large number of coils or innersprings tend to provide more consistent support over its surface. Additionally, coils that are covered or topped by foam or other suitable shock absorbent material often offer consistent support coupled with adequate cushioning.

Mattress Warranties

The warranty of a mattress can give you an idea of the number of years that the product is expected to last. This can be important when you're operating on a budget and want a quality to product that provides great back support for years to come. Look for an affordable mattress with a lengthy warranty.

To find the perfect mattress for your needs, visit a mattress store in your area. Be sure to discuss your greatest and least favorite mattress options with a store representative, so he or she can direct you to the most suitable mattresses for your needs. Visit a store like Ritchie's Furniture & Appliance to get started.