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How To Recover Water-Damaged Electronics

by Neil Craig

Many people have electronics in their basement, including televisions, video game consoles, and radios. It can be extremely frustrating for anyone who owns these devices to have them be damaged by water from a flooding basement. In order to minimize your financial loss, consider following these steps for recovering water-damaged electronics. There's a chance that you might be able to salvage some of them.

1. Turn Off All of the Power

This first step is the most important because it helps ensure that you do not get hurt. Turn off all of the power to any outlets that the electronics are connected to by using your circuit board. Make sure that you have a flashlight on hand in order to make sure that you can still see. This will reduce the risk of you being shocked.

2. Grab an Electronic Device and See if It Is Still Turned On

Grab an electronic device out of the water and check to see if it is still turned on. If the device is still on, turn it off using the power button. If your device is battery-powered, remove the battery carefully and dispose of it appropriately. Check local recycling laws to do this properly.

3. Remove any Excess Fluid

Dump out any water that you can see. Shake the electronic device to see if you can hear any water sloshing around. If you can still hear fluid, take a screwdriver to the device. Lay out each piece on a paper towel and see if you can manually dry anything out. If you are dealing with a smaller electronic, such as a video game controller, place each piece of a video game controller into a bag of uncooked rice. The rice will absorb the water out of the device, even if the water is deep within the cracks of the device. Allow the video game controller pieces to sit in the bag of rice for several days each.

If you live in an area that is not very humid, you will be able to simply allow your electronics to air dry. This is because air that is not humid will naturally suck in any evaporated water and cause your electronics to dry out.

4. Turn Your Electronics Back On

After you have allowed your electronics to dry for several hours, try to turn them back on. If they don't turn back on, then they are likely too damaged to be salvaged.

For more information, contact a company that specializes in water damage restoration.