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An Overview On Water Damage And Your Homeowners Policy

by Neil Craig

If you find yourself dealing with water damage in your home, whether it is the result of an act of God or an appliance breakdown, you're going to be dealing with a big mess and a lot of clean-up. Because water damage can cause future issues within your home, such as mold growth, it's important that you take care of the situation as soon as you can. Calling in a professional water damage restoration service is beneficial to making sure the problem gets corrected, but you may find that your homeowner's insurance will not pay for the damage to be restored. This article will give you an overview on the type of water damage a homeowner's policy will cover, so that you are prepared the next time you find yourself with a flooded basement or home.

A Typical Homeowners Policy

The typical homeowners insurance policy will cover a direct loss of your home, which includes water damage. But, there are specific limitations and exclusions. Usually, your policy will pay for accidental damage from water sources inside of your home, but usually does not pay for damage from any water that finds its way inside your home from the outside. A covered loss is usually determined by where the water came from.

Flood Damage and Coverage

Most homeowners insurance policies exclude water damage caused by floods, waves, storm surge, or an overflow of a body of water like a river, pond or lake. Damage cause by a dam or levee break is usually not covered. The two biggest reasons floods are excluded from a homeowners policy is because they are usually quite devastating in nature and cause more damage than any insurance company is able to handle, and a lot of surface water losses can be prevented with proper drainage and landscaping. 

What To Expect When Submitting a Claim

When you find yourself having to hire water damage restoration service, as well as determining how much physical property you lost because of the water damage, you will want to have a good idea as to what to expect your homeowners policy to cover. Water damage will probably be covered if it's determined an inside water pipe leaked or broke, or if a water appliance such as a hot water tank or a washing machine broke while in use. Usually the coverage will be for the damage that the inside of your home suffered, not for the appliance or fixture that caused the flood to begin with.

If a pipe burst and it's determined it failed because there were defective materials in the way the home was constructed, or if you knew the appliance or structure was in danger of failing but you did nothing to prevent it, then the loss may not be covered. You should check with your homeowners insurance agent for specific details on your policy. 

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