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How To Restore Wooden Window Sills

by Neil Craig

How to Restore Wooden Window Sills

Windows sills are often the first part of a window to get damaged. This is often caused by standing water and everyday usage of the sill. Many people use their interior window sill like an extra shelf, placing items on it, and even sitting on it at times. Over time, this can cause the paint on the wood to wear away and get damaged. Restoring your window sill is an easy way to make your entire window look newer. Here are the basic steps for repairing a wooden window sill.

Prepare the Sill

You cannot just start to fix and paint your sill without preparing the area first. You want to make the surface as smooth and flat as possible by sanding it down. Use a vibrating power sander (not a disc sander) with 100 grit sandpaper for the first run. Push down hard as you sand to knock off any hard edges or swollen sections of wood. This sanding might remove much of the old paint, but it is not necessary to remove all the paint from the wood. Then, change to finer grit sandpaper (at least 250 grit), and re-sand the surface. This will remove a little more of the paint, but it will make the surface even smoother.

Fill Any Holes

If there are any holes or dents in the sill you will want to fill them with wood filler. Simply spread it over the holes with a putty knife. Push it down hard, so there are no cavities or gaps when it dries. Then, when the wood filler dries, re-sand the patched areas with the 250 grit paper. Your sill will now be ready to paint.

Painting the Sill

When painting the hardwood on a window sill you have to be careful to not leave behind brush strokes. One solution it to use a small, low-nap paint roller. These leave behind a smooth finish when the paint dries. If your window sill is too small, you will just need to use a brush. A newer brush, with clean bristles will not leave noticeable brushstrokes. One tip for controlling the brushstrokes is to apply multiple, thin coats. If you apply the paint too thick, it is harder to control.

With this simple wood restoration, you can refresh the look of your window. You will be able to enjoy a reinforced and waterproof window sill. Talk to experts like Legacy Restoration & Construction LLC for more information.