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Three Things You May Want To Know About Retrofit Appliances In The Design Of Historic Homes

by Neil Craig

If you are an owner of an historic home, there may be things that you want to do to preserve your home. It is a lot like owning a piece of history, and even when you do improvements to your piece of history, you want to be able to keep it historically accurate. This can sometimes be difficult when adding things like modern kitchens and other areas to your home. One way to get a historic look with modern appliances is to repair old appliances, as well as retrofit them with modern mechanicals. If you want appliances with an historic look for your home, here are some things you will want to know about restoring and retrofitting antique appliances:

1. Finding The Right Appliances For A Retro Look In An Historic Home  

Retro stoves can be a great addition to a modern kitchen. There are even antique stoves that can be restored or retro fitted with modern utilities such as gas or electricity. You can find many different appliances with a retro look. Some of these can be restored, such as antique stoves that can be restored or retro fitted with modern utilities such as gas or electricity.

If you want to have an historic look for your kitchen, an antique stove and oven combination can give your home a unique look. There are even some appliance repair service companies that make and restore these old kitchen appliances. You may even be able to find own yourself and contact an appliance repair service to get help with the repairs that it needs.

2. Repairing Retro Appliances For Your Home

Fridges may be more modern appliances, but there are many retro refrigerators that can look good in an historic home. You can also have them retro fitted with modern mechanicals to have a refrigerator that is a little more modern.

Another option is to use a modern fridge and have a retro door and hardware installed to give it more of an historic façade, but remain a modern refrigerator. If you just need something like a fridge or stove, having a repair service repair the mechanical systems can be great.

You may even want to find things from antique dealers and retro vendors. You may want to have things like ice maker and water filter added to a retro fridge, which an appliance service can help you with fitting your fridge with these features.

3. Giving Retro Appliances A Modern Makeover

While the repair service may get the appliances working again, you may need to do some of the work. You can sand them lightly and paint them with an enamel paint to give them a new look. For hardware and emblems, you can paint them with chrome paint or have a service refinish them for you.

Some of the appliances in your home may be too modern, but you can give them a retro facelift. Things like the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and garbage compactor can have a retro façade installed to make them look like they belong in the retro design of your home. A great way to accomplish this is to use things like old ice chests, fridges and other casings from old appliances, and refinishing them to have matching colors and designs.

These are some things that you may want to know about restoring and retro fitting old appliances for an historic home. If you need help with repairs and restoration of your old appliances, contact a professional appliance repair service to get the help you need.